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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My very own Conservapedia entry!

Since so many people have already raked over Conservapedia ("a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia[;] an online resource and meeting place where we favor Christianity and America") looking for wonderful little nuggest of information such as the existence of Unicorns, the immorality of Bonobos, and the meaning of racism, its only fair that I add my own find to the mix.

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Fascism is a political form of government that believes that the nation is more important then any individual. A dictator rules the nation and imposes economic and social regimentation. It is often an autocratic system that has a militarized government. A symbol, like the swastika, is often used for mind control. Special salutes to the dictator are also common. Equally common in Fascist societies is strict information control, such as the "people's radio" in Nazi Germany which delivered only one channel of propaganda, 24/7. Allowing only information which supports the far-left state is a common means of fascist control. This is especially pertinant in websites such as Wikipedia which allow liberal-only information through. 

Fascism is the opposite of communism. Fascist and Communist countries were mortal enemies. Communism sought to unite the entire world and abolish national identity, while fascism promoted great pride and dedication to one's country. Communism represents the extreme left of the political spectrum, while Fascism represents the extreme right.

The name "fascism" derives from an ancient Roman symbol, the fasces, a group of birch rods bundled together with an axe. It symbolizes strength in unity; the rods are weak by themselves but strong when bundled together. Although the symbol was adopted by the Fascists, it does not in itself signify fascism. In the United States House of Representatives, a fasces symbol appears on each side of the American flag, and old U. S. dimes, with a picture of the god Mercury on the front, have a design including a fasces on the back. [Emphasis added]

Well then, that clears that up.


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