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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Very Own Conservapedia entry (Part II)

Man, Conservapedia is the gift that keeps on giving...

Let's take a look at their entry on
Judicial Activism.

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Judicial Activism


There are two major types of judicial activism practiced in the United States' court system:

1. Liberal judges striking down laws that uphold core conservative American values
2. Liberal judges refusing to strike down laws that subvert core conservative American values

[Ed: In other words, when judges do something we don't like, and when judges don't do something we do like]

The most famous example of this is
Roe v. Wade. Other examples include Brown v Board of Education and Loving v Virginia which stripped state control over education and marriage, respectively, putting it in the hands of the federal government; McCreary County v. ACLU in which judges stripped free speech and religious freedom from McCreary County; Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in which the Supreme Court sided with terrorists over the protection of the United States of America. and Schiavo v. Schiavo, in which judges ordered the death of an innocent handicapped woman against the wishes of her parents and many pro-life supporters.

In other words, examples of the "Judicial Activism" of liberal judges include the right to privacy, desegregation and the striking down of racial marriage laws. Classic.

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