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If you took that happy, smiling guy from the box of Quaker Oats, handed him a bottle of gin and a rifle, and pissed him off to a point where he decided he wasn't going to take it anymore, you'd get a little something like this.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Meanwhile on the tee vee...

Most reactionary advertisement...EVAR!!

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Let's start with the kids. While the one most visible to the viewer in the foreground to the right looks suitably horrified, the same does not hold true for the rest of the kids. Oddly enough, the one in the middle seems to be stuck in deep concentration on the goings-on on the tv screen, and the one on the far left has a look on her face which can only be interpreted as "Yay! Barnyard Sluts 9! I wonder which scene Old McDonald is in..."

Not to mention their choice of a spokesman. Pat Boone? If anyone knows anything about victims of auditory rape and the pollution of the home, it's him.

The prosecution rests.
Marc with a C, 12:13 PM


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