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Monday, January 22, 2007

Oldy but goody!

When I saw this column last Friday tacked up on the bulletin board of Alan Keyes' crack den (otherwise known as Renew next to yellowing NY Post articles on Elizan Gonzalez and Jeff Gannon's Business card (, I just knew I had a small flake of wingnut gold on my hands. Unfortunately, that hobgoblin of otherwise productive minds known as "werk" interferred. Fortunately, the shackles have now officially been cast off and I am in teh bases fragging d00ds. For r0xor!

Trembling for my country because God is just
Planned Parenthood, ACLU column ignores baby's right to life

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Bryan Fischer
January 19, 2007

A pro-abortion column appeared in the Friday, January 19 edition of the largest circulation newspaper in my home state[...]

A clear sign that the so-called "first ammendment" is clearly an arcane, irrational concept that has no place in the modern world and only interferes with the President's superhuman attempt to defeat the enemies of womb-babies everywhere!

They argue, of course, in support of a woman's right to destroy innocent human life in the womb, relying on the so-called "right to privacy."

Destorying the womb babies before the womb-babies can destroy them is the number one goal of the freedom haters. Clearly we must find a way to fortify and beef up security in these rich and fertile lands, lest more of our precious innocent lives be snuffed out in another anti-blacocyst offensive! (I'm thinking a no-bid contract to KBR or Halliburton to implant every woman's uterus with a fail-safe force-field generator. Or maybe set up a system where every third pregnancy is in fact a womb-dwelling velociraptor in disguise. My my, won't that give the baby killers something to think about?)

The heart of their argument is that "the decision whether and when to become a parent is among the most private a person can make," that we must "keep the government out of your home and out of your decisions about the way you raise your family," and that our society must protect "a woman's right to choose and control her own reproductive destiny."

This is the only part of Fischer's column that makes any sort of sense. Oddly enough, it relies almost entirely on other people's quotations (shocker!)

But surely the ACLU doesn't believe that any act must be protected as long as it is done in private. Rape is done in private; domestic abuse is done in private; child sexual abuse is done in private; murder is done in private. Not even the ACLU would argue that the right to privacy protects anything and everything an individual does as long as it is done behind closed doors.

Shorter Byran Fischer: The fact that the ACLU cites a "right to privacy" in their defense of abortion, but doesn't support murder is a clear sign of the internal inconsistency of their laughable ideas.

This means the question for our friends at the ACLU and Planned Parenthood is straightforward: is that a baby in a woman's womb, or not?

Hah! Trick question! (You know, actually...I think I may have a point there.)

If it is in fact a baby, then suddenly we are no longer talking about a woman's right to do whatever she wants with her own body. We are now talking about whether she has the right to do whatever she wants to someone else's body.

Well, considering the fact that something like 97%+ of all abortions occur in the first few weeks- if not days- of pregnancy, I'm not sure a speck of cells the size of a period (.) on your screen is much of someone else's body. Especially considering the fact that it is entirely dependent on the mother's body for all of the nutrients and environmental controls it will require to continue its development...

And don't even get me started on the fact that most child psychiatrists do not believe children are self-aware until
mid-childhood, well you get the idea ("Hey lady! Did you know that my pet chimpanzee is more human and has a greater emotional range than your screaming toddler over there? Just saying.")

We are no longer talking about the state invading her privacy, but about her invading the privacy of another human being, dismembering her, and tossing her remains into a garbage bag as if she was medical waste.

Which is the standard proceedure for almost all amputations (until of course its burned to ash in a medical incinerator and used for fertilizer down the line). For more information, see the X-Files episode "Leonard Betts."

Right now the most dangerous place in American for a female is not the inner city but the womb of her mother.

Because as we have already established, a mother's womb is no longer private property, but part of the sovereign nation of the United States of America.

That's why Planned Parenthood and the ACLU can never, ever, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, admit the humanity and personhood of a baby in the womb. For were they to do that, they would be forced to admit that that baby has rights just as much as anybody else.

Including the right to vote, own a car, sign a contract, and purchase a firearm (if only there was a way to convince the arms companies to make fetus-sized assault rifles!

The Judeo-Christian tradition, on the other hand, affirms equal rights for unborn women, unlike the ACLU, which only appears to believe in equal rights for women who have been lucky enough to get themselves born.

But being women of course, their rights will only be equal to those of other women and thus inferior to those of men, including blasocyst-men. Thanks,
Judeo-Christian tradition!

As for the traditional Talmudic approach to abortion, see the excellent article at
Religious Tolerance, as well as this article on the history of abortion in the Christian tradition (unsurprisingly, the attitudes towards abortion are contradictory and often in opposition).

Because of their commitment to allow the unimpeded extermination of the unborn, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU must refuse to look at evidence provided by the latest advances in medical technology that demonstrate the humanity of babies in the womb.

We'll get to that in a sec, but it boils down to this: look at the pretty pictures and tell me that's not a baby!

New 4D ultrasound technology (one step beyond 3D)[...]

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to enter....the FOURTH DIMENSION!!!

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An artist's conception of the human womb, c. 1982

[...]has made it possible for us to view 'real-time' video of babies in the womb as they move. A new National Geographic documentary features the work of London-based obstetrician Professor Stuart Campbell, who is the pioneer of 4D scans in Britain.

In other words, the miraculous technological breakthroughs embraced by pro-life activists and ignored by the evil pro-abortion ACLU supports consist that move. Take a moment to catch your breath. I'll still be here.

Videos he has produced of twins and triplets in the womb

HOLY SHIT PEOPLE!!!! They have pictures that fucking MOVE!!! Surely our cause is lost now.

[...]are described by a journalist this way[...] "This advanced technology has allowed scientists to capture the development of foetuses (sic) like never before, including twins and triplets jostling for space in the womb while grasping each other's hand and even faces."

Siblings slapping, grabbing, and beating the shit out of each other before they even leave the womb. Proof positive of their unmistakable humanity.

The journalist goes on to observe that the videos show the "fetal bodies" developing in minute detail — it was even possible to "see their eyelids opening" — and even showed unborn siblings "grasping each other's hands and even faces" as they "jostl(e) for space in the womb."

You know, I do believe that the last 4 or 5 versions of Microsoft Word have built-in grammatical features that check for rdundancy. But I guess that software hasn't been made typewriter-compatible yet.

Notice how the left slips and unwittingly acknowledges the humanity of unborn babies when they forget for the moment about the issue of abortion.

Sometimes, the left has been known to stop talking about abortions altogether!

Although the doctor is careful to use the word "foetus" — he slips once and calls them "babies" -, the reporter can't help herself: she uses words like "twin," "twins," "triplets," "sister," "siblings," and words like "cheek," "hands," and "faces," instead of the words and phrases she is supposed to use, like "tissue" and "products of conception."

Evidentally this doctor went to left-wing medical school and drives a solar-powered Jaguar. Hippy.

It is a monstrous thing that we live in a society which elevates the destruction of babies in the womb to the level of a constitutional right.

Not to mention a good old-fashioned televised sporting event as well! At least, I think it is. Like in Japan or something.

Ah well, that;s enough for today. I have a headcahe. Time for another fetal milkshake!
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you are crazy, go to the psychiatrist.
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