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Thursday, November 09, 2006

So much for "bipartizanship"


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- On the same day President Bush promised a new bipartisan Washington, he began efforts to get two of his most controversial decisions approved before the Democrats take over Congress.
Bush on Thursday submitted the nomination of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and said he would like to move forward on legislation to authorize the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program.

Bush said he would like to see action on both issues before year's end. The Democratic-controlled Congress begins its term in January.

So let's recap here. On the same day Bush says he looks forward to a new era of bipartizanship and unity in American politics, he is push the Senate to confirm one of the most controversial nominations he has ever made. You know, the one to whom he had to give a recess appointment because the very stink of the man was enough to give the weaker-stomached members of his own party the vapors.

Democrats, let this be a lesson to you. No matter what they say, the GOP is your enemy, and no amount of lying, cheating, swindling, or joking on their part will ever change that fact. Crush them like the cockroaches they are.

Marc with a C, 10:21 PM


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