Bomb Throwing Pacifist

If you took that happy, smiling guy from the box of Quaker Oats, handed him a bottle of gin and a rifle, and pissed him off to a point where he decided he wasn't going to take it anymore, you'd get a little something like this.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mmmm...succulent man-flesh


Speaker PELOSI, anyone??

Its a motherfucking massacre! Take your fucking 1994 "Republican Revolution," "Contract with America," Foleygate, Delaygate, cronyismgate, incompetencegate, patriotgate, and all the other fucking -gates of the world and shove them up your asses!!

Man, we are going to fucking dye the Potomac red with your blood, assholes! It's been 12 years, but now it's finally over!!! Eat shit, and die.

Yours I remain, with the deepest respects, &c,

Marc with a C.
Marc with a C, 1:16 AM


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