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Monday, August 07, 2006

To our Sino-Judaic Friends: wen lie le'chaim!

Silly media, getting their knickers all in a twist over Mel Gibson's recent drunken unpleasantness. While many people fear that he may never be able to work in Hollywood ever again, Gibson fans need not be dismayed! Never fear, we have an answer to Mr. Gibson's employment woes. Behold, the world-renowned Nanjing Rising Sun Anger Release Bar- the only bar where customers are heartily encouraged to beat their servers for whatever reason they wish. At about $6.00 a pop, it's a deal that can't be beat. While the article does mention that the majority of patrons tend to be women who work in massage parlours and karaoke bars, there is no mention of a Jewish presence. I blame the bar menu's conspicuous lack of Menischewitz for this disparity.

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Marc with a C, 11:11 AM


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