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Monday, May 01, 2006

And now for something completely different

As things are kind of crazy with my life right now, normal posting has taken a hiatus. However, do not fear: regular posting will resume shortly (*groans, followed by the cracking of whips*)

You know, for all the bas press the "Mainstream Media" or MSM gets in the blogosphere, I find that more often than not, bloggers often belabour the point. Sure, there are myriad problems with the MSM, some of which are easily remedied (the fairness doctrine), some much less so (massive corporate media ownership). However, I find that all too often these debates and issues are framed within the larger thematic narrative ("Does the MSM give too much credence to widely discredited notions, such as intelligent design or the idea that global warming is a natural, non-human influenced event" and so on). Every once in a while though, the MSM realy comes through and comes up with headlines, memes, and topics so laughably poor and badly written that it really just makes our lives easier. Today's example comes from To whit, the following headline on their front page (screencap to follow if i can figure out the teknologi):

Puerto Rico runs out of money

Yes America. May 2st, 2006. The day the blade of grass replaced half an egg as the lowest form of currency in Puerto Rico.

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Senor Gonzales goes to make a mortage payment on his house
Marc with a C, 1:10 PM


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