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Friday, March 31, 2006

Renewing America, the Alan Keyes Way...

And no, we don't mean by villifying gays and then carefully hedging one's words and faking amnesia when people ask about your lesbian daughter. To celebrate the end of the week, today we bring you yet another celebration from the wingnut side of the universe. Coincidentally this particular festival also happens to be celebrating the end of something, only in this case, instead of 40 hours-plus worth of hard labor, the 15 year struggle for Terri Schiavo to die and peace. And ironically enough, just as the wingnuts swear they will never let Terri be forgotten and will renew her memory forever, so must we remember that after a brief 48 hours of freedom, another week of work sets in. Oh well, let's listen in.
Terri's death: Was it 'God's will' or 'murder'?
On anniversary of court-ordered starvation, ex-husband, parents refuel
family debate
By: Diana Lynne
One year ago today, 41-year-old Terri Schiavo succumbed to 13 days of forced dehydration and starvation, following the court-ordered removal of her feeding tube.
Well, I suppose that assumes you believe that her husband of 21 years was lying through his teeth about his claim that his wife told him she would not want to be kept alive through artificial means if she was ever in a coma and that her parents knew better than the man who spent nearly half her life at her side. Otherwise, it wasn't very well a "forced" dehydration, now was it?
Her impending death raised a clamor among millions, including a president and a
pope, and deepened a cultural fault line in America.
Indeed. It was the first time in living memory that President Bush cut his vacation short for any reason. Not to mention having Senator Frist violate the Hippocratic Oath.
Schiavo, who sought the removal of his brain-injured wife's feeding tube over the objections of her parents and siblings, pulls no punches, dishing dirt on Schindler family members and every lawyer, activist and politician – including President Bush – who advocated keeping Terri alive.
What a bastard! Dishing out dirt on the people who accused him of among other things being a bad husband, a wife beater, a child molester, and out and out murderer! Word up Mike, if you wanna be a suitable victim, you can only take the crap from the right silently and stoically and not expect to be able to hand any of it back out. You can't really blame them though, they're used to speaking to people in comas as if they were really alert and concious.
"There's no doubt in my mind that Terri was suffering from bulimia nervosa," Schiavo writes with newfound confidence in a theory he admits lacks evidence and which was debunked by the medical examiner in his report of Terri's autopsy released June 15, 2005.
Lacks evidence? Sadly, no. As to the supposed debunking of the anorexia theory, I give you Dr. Jon Thogmartin's own words: "Mrs. Schiavo suffered severe anoxic brain injury. The cause of which [sic] cannot be determined with reasonable medical certainty. The manner of death will therefore be certified as undetermined."
In purporting to link Terri's collapse with her father, Schiavo attempts to turn the tables on the Schindlers. Since their 2002 discovery of the report of a full-body bone scan done on Terri a year after her collapse that indicated she'd sustained several broken bones and led the interpreting radiologist to conclude she was the victim of abuse, the family publicly has wondered whether it evidenced violence on the night of Terri's collapse.
You mean violence other than that associated with someone suffering a potassium imbalance falling down the stairs and then having CPR performed on her? That's pretty weak. Not to mention the fact that Michael Schiavo won a $1.2 million malpractice suit against the doctors who failed to diagnose Terri's Bulemia and no one brought up the potential abuse issue there. Kind of important, don't ya think? As for Michael "dishing out the dirt," see my comments above.
Oh well, I'd write more but it is becoming more and more apparent that the "article" by Diane Lynne isn't really an article per se but rather a chapter or two taken from her book and republished in newsprint form. Oh well, can't really blame her I suppose. It is the weekend, after all.
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