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Friday, February 10, 2006


Dear Patriotic American Reader(tm)
As part of the whole Diversity Inaction effort on the part of our true, glorious leader and his equally glorious (if somewhat less important) co-leaders, we at Bomb Throwing Pacifist are happy to announce that we have taken yet another glorious step in the direction of equality in the workplace. Starting yesterday, we have hired engaged co-opted the extremely patriotic and truly American(tm) pinnacle of the blogosphere, LEFTRANT!!!

That's right folks. Instead of your pure, whitebread, 100% Caucasioid and safely European-looking editor representing our views 100% of the time (as is the case in real life, thanks be to Yahweh!), we have now diversified our workforce to include 50% more Native American Indian. Please join me in welcoming Leftrant to the team. While I know many of you may immediately skip his columns on the obvious (and completely understandable) grounds of his non-whiteness, I would ask that you take a few minutes from your busy lives glorifying the Iraq phase of the glorious war to resubjugate brown people Operation Iraqi Freedom and at least read a few of his columns that will appear here shortly. Who knows? He may actually teach you something. Yours I remain &c.

Marc with a C
Hoka Hey, muthafuckaz. Leftrant comes for YOU!!!
Marc with a C, 10:23 PM


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