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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sapphic Love for All!

Went to Borders the other day to shop around for some Ospereys and check in on Dad. I must say he looks very official with his little Secret Service earpiece thingie and suit, even if he spends most of his day slinging books and answering dumb questions (such is the world of retail, eh? Go figure). While I was there I found a book on classical Greek lyric poetry and was able to use Dad's employee discount to my advantage. I must say I am very excited. While you read a lot about the Ancient Greeks and they tend to be known for the epic poetry (Illiad and Odessy are most well known, although Ajax, Jason and Argonauts, and the Hesiod are up there too in academic circles), it's rare to encouter Greek lyric poetry outside of an academic setting (or in the case of Sappho, a "Best of Lesbian Writers" type). I must say, it's really, really quite good. Hauntingly beautiful verses that echo through the centuries and if anything, make you feel sad due to the fact that of all those verses, very few remain after the ravages of time.

"Where the pastured warhorse grazes,
lies a field of wildflowers,
a wind-serried lake of blues." Now that is beautiful.

On another note, the Supreme Court upheld Oregon's right-to-die law 6-3. Basically it means that terminally ill patients who have been diagnosed by two doctors as having less than 6 months to live and who have been judged sound of mind by experts can choose to have a physician-assisted suicide. 6-3 you ask? Who was the third vote along with Scalia and Uncle Thomas? Chief Justice John Roberts. For all those claims about moderation and judicial restraint at the time of his hearing, we now see how he will vote. And once O'Conner leaves and Alito is confirmed, votes like that will be 5-4. Come closer children, the fire is dying and the wolves are howling in the distant night.
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