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Sunday, January 22, 2006

IB 12!!

So, IB 12 was quite a bit of fun. Of course, being a 12th Night celebration, there was, sadly, no fighting. However, it was still a lot of fun, despite the fact that there wasn't a whole lot to do, despite (in spite of?) there being two courts. In any case, a quick recap of what went down in da burg.

Garb was 15th century for us two. The theme was German, but as usual, it's kinda hard to have an international closet so you kind of have to go along with what you have. In any case, our stuff could have been German, although there was nothing particularly Germanic about it. Just your standard continental European.

Marine: Gold Tapestery Italian Ren Dress, c. 1485. Red wool stomacher and underdress, mule shoes. At the last minute she decided she wanted the front of her dress to close all the way, and who can blame her? So of course your truely obliged and with a big helping hand of linen thread, beeswax, and a big-ass tapestry needle, sewed in two sets of hooks and eyes. As accessories she wore a bronze pin where her dress closed, and a pearl necklace with endant (a modified version of the one I made her). Unfortuantely, the pendant ate through her string about halfway through the event, but since she had knotted the strings in the first place after each pealr, she didn't lose any. Instead, we each got a nice 10-bead roasry for the rest of the event to hang off our belts ;)

Matthaeus: Kind of tricky as at first I didn't think I had any 15th century garb. But in the end I made do. Blue skirted doublet, brown wool herringbone acorn cap I sewed up for "undres" wear, black cockscomb for court, brown gloves with black embroidery, dk. gray boiled wool hose (saftey-pinned in place, no less, as I had just finished them and hadn't had time to sew in eyelets), black poulaines, brown buckle garters and skinny brown belt with knife and horn cup.

Marine: Got her AoA (per my reccomendation, YES!). SHe also entered the A&S competition and took home first place for her scroll work in the illumination category, as well as being invited to join some other like-minded ladies for an illumination symposium later in the year.

Matthaeus: Nothing, other than getting the first prize for looking good and accenting his lady's garb ;) Prize was only a kiss, but it was good enough for me!

Dancing: Oddly enough, we didn't stay. Usually Marine wants to, and there were a lot of dancers this time around, but oh well. We did some practice dancing and I guess that was all she wanted to do. Fine by me considering how good the ensuing

Feast was: German theme, mostly good. Some stuff a little too sour for me (like the cucumbers and kraut), but the bratwurst, chicken, and roast beef was excellent. All washed down but what Herr Brady and I amphatically reffered to as delicious "Ice Water Pale Laager: The Finest of American Beers." Afterwards I helped to the dishes in the kitchen, sliced my finger open on a knife (minor wound) and generally chatted old friends up. After that, it was home and bed.

IB 12 was a good event overall. The A&S entries were all very good, there was a lot of dancing for those interested, lots of awards handed out, a good feast, and a few merchants. The only down side was that there wasn't a lot to do. The weather was blargh and unfortunately there was no archery, thrown weapons, fighting, or organized gaming to speak of and as such it devolved into a mostly social event. In any case, I don't mind. It was my first event since Pennsic and it was nice to see some old friends and get back into garb. Not the kind of event I'd want to go to regularly, but a nice start to the year. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon (assuming my friends send me the goods before too too long).
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