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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snowy Day Shimmy

Not a whole lot going on here today. Work has been starting off kinda slow, but I suppose that's a good thing. I kinda feel about about surfing the web and such so much, but then again what else am I supposed to do? I've asked for more work and volunteered my services to other people, but it seems slow in coming. Eh, I'm so new, if I joined in any additional projects I'd probably be more of a hinderance than a help in fact. And in any case, it's picking up, like I said.

So far, two projects are in hand. The first is the MOD-9/SEOWs project. Basically, the Dpartment of Health and Human services decided it wants to give big bucks to state governments to establish workgroups that will be in charge of data collection and analysis with regards to substance abuse and mental health. However, this is apparently too big a task for the U.S. government to handle on its own, as so Synectics has been brought in to make the project happen. Not that I mind of course...if we didn't do it, some lower-level government functionary would. I'd rather be a government bureaucrat, but then again, I'd also rather eat than starve.

The other project they have me on are the short reports, or DASIS reports which we publish for the Dept. of Health and Humans Services. Every two weeks we publish a 4 page folio of number crunching which relates in some way to mental health or drug abuse. However, considering the fact that these take about 4 months to publish...I'm the new assistant coordinator/taskmaster, designed to provide another set of eyes and to help make sure everyone stays informed of their job and on target.

So far life is good. While I do enjoy working here in some respects more than working for the federal gvmt (stuff gets done on time and we have a large amount of supplies, coffee, and support), they do seem to lack the intrinsic framework of the federal gvmt. With the feds, when you sign up, you're trained from scratch and everything is done on a timetable and follows a pre-set plan. Here, I'm learning as I go along. I personally would prefer it to be a bit more structured.

In other news... Christmas shopping is coming along well. H's presents came in the mail yesterday. Claire is taken care of, still need to shop for Mom and Dad, but those should be easy. Or Dad will. Mom is still up in the air.

Belgian jacket is coming along ok, though it's too big and will have to be taken in considerably. But then again, can't get bent out of shape over a project that isn't complete yet. On the other hand, the Ork army painting is coming along well. The Nobz look really good if I do say so myself. Until next time!
Marc with a C, 12:11 PM


Hey Marc! :waves:

You should have told me when you started this and I coulda started arguing with you sooner.

...I mean, posting friendly opposite opinions.

:blink blink:

Anyways, your profile and your blog description at the top of the page cracks me up.

Happy week before Christmas! :)

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