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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Short Post-Weekend Update

Williamsburg was really nice. It was good to see H again and take some time to get reaquainted after nearly 6 weeks apart. And all I have to say (other that I love ya hun) is the fact that they STILL haven't managed to repair the ceiling in Old Dominion since I was last there in October. I mean, I know that money is tight and that we've been hurting ever since the days of good old governor "Happy" Gilmore, but for crying out loud...don't tell me they couldn't scrounge up a few hundred dollars to patch a leaky ceiling. Oh well.

Stopped by the Groovy Gecko while in the burg. Said hi to Kelly and the ladz and watched a 750-point 40K tournament in progress (or not...they had just finished their first round and had gone on a pizza break when I got there). Gave me new impetus to get da boyz painted and on the table. Models-wise I could fully field a 1500 or even conceivably a 2,000 point army, but I'd rather not as I'd have to use unpainted figures and sub in Imperial Guard tanks and halftracks to represent looted tanks and trukks. Still, theoretically doable, especially since once the three remaining nobz and the warboss are done, all that's left are vehicles, and those tend to go pretty fast (1 full trukk and full buggy to do from scratch, and another trukk and buggy to repaint from Gorkamorka into my 40K army's colors). But at 750, I could be really dangerous...

In other news, cut out all the pieces of my Belgian short jacket. Still need to cut out the peices of interfacing, but that won't take long. After that, the fun begins!!

Still no word from Iraq so we don't know if they've executed Tom Fox or what. He hasn't turned up yet so they probably haven't decided to release the hostages, but we shall see. I pray and hope that the captors will see the folly of what they've done and release these men who have done nothing but help the Iraqis and muslim people since arriving in the middle east. They were after all some of the first to document the scandals going on at Abu Ghraib prison.

Oh well, I could type more, but I'm tired. New job starts tomorrow so I actually do have to go to bed at the ungodly hour of 10 pm (or so). Night folks.
Marc with a C, 9:57 PM


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