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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ok, lots to report

We've got a lot on the table here folks, so here's what I have down so far. I apologise in advance if I don't get to everything or don't hit up on a lot of detail, so bear with me.

First week of work went well. I'm really enjoying the job and the pace is starting to pick up. Wrote my first report for my supervisior on Thursday and she loved it, so I guess I'm doing ok so far. Other than that, not much to report there.

Jacket: The Belgian jacket is DONE!!! :) I went into the store today to pick up some buttons. Got some flak because apparently I was supposed to work on Sunday, but noone called me or anything like that so I don't really feel too bad. Besides, they should have called me if they wanted me to come in, and not just assumed I'd show up. Oh well, got some really nice frosted black buttons to match the sweet black and white herringbone fabric I used. Let's just say the end result is very nice. Claire and Mom are even hinting that I should make them one, but I digress. I'd be happy to, but I have other projects to work on and as such am not going to spend too much time banging the drum (though if they buy me the fabric for it, I will be happy to do so).

Orks: The final nob is done, varnished, and in the cabinet with the rest of da broot sqwad. I'm working on the warboss now. He's cleaning up pretty nice, although I must say I wasn't sure how much decoration I should give him color-wise. I figured orks might not like that, but then I remembered that that's just the Goffs. All the other Orks really dig loud colors, such as the Bad Moons (black and yellow), the Deathskulls (paint themselves blue), Evil Sunz/Kult of Speed (red makes 'em go fasta!) and the Bloodaxes with their neon "Kammyflage." As such, it's really only the Goffs who think that bright colors are unorky, and the rest of the klanz tend to view them as unsophisticated tools. But I digress.

Sunday: Went to the Langly Hills fellowship meeting (ie. church service to you non-Friends out there). It was really moving, I definately plan on going back. The worship style was so unlike anything I'm accustomed to: just sitting around quietly, waiting for inspiration. While it involved much less singing, standing and praying in the traditional sense, I somehow felt much more active and involved. Not to mention that the pews are all arranged in a circle and there's no pastor,priest, or minister. Reminds me of the Billy Bragg song: "We work we eat together, we need no swords/We will not bow to the masters nor pay rent to the lords/ we are free men, though we are poor/ you diggers all stand up for Glory, stand up now!"

Went to the Game Parlour in Chantilly this afternoon and got some Osprey books: namely, Marlborough's Army 1702-1711 and The Landsknect 1486-1560. Both look very itneresting as the Landsknecht book also talks a fair bit about the Reislaufer, or Swiss counterparts to the Landsknechts who were fairly distinct from their earlier Communal/Confederate armies in terms of organization and clothing styles. Of coruse, they did end up losing, but I always have been interested in what happened to the Swiss during the latter Italian wars (post-1496), especially when they began to encounter stiff competition from the Germans as the primary infantry in Europe. Also got Dad's Christmas present at B&N, which is good as now I just have Mom left to get.

On Saturday night we went over to the Frosts' and had a dinner party with the Loudises and the rest. It was a good time. We watched Jon Stuart clips downstairs in the basement and watched him ream Tucker Carlson on Cnn's Crossfire (which incidentally was suddenly cancelled a few days after Jon Stuart appeared on it). The best part by far? Tucker Carlson going off on some rant against JS and JS interrupting him asking "How old are you?" A stunned Carlson responds "35." To which JS incredulously asks "And you're still wearing a bow tie?" :D Great stuff. You can catch the whole thing here:

Well, that's it from me. Work starts early tomorrow and retirement seems further and further.
Marc with a C, 9:00 PM


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